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1. Ordering Options
1.1 How to Order
1.2 Realistic Photo vs. Digital Painting
1.3 Gallery Wrap
1.4 Retouching
1.5 B&W, Sepia, or Color Images
1.6 Single Panel, Split Panel, Collage, Pop Art, or Wall Murals

2. Photos - What you should know.
2.1 Best file format, resolution, and size
2.2 Image Preperation
2.3 Scanning Tips
2.4 Cropping
1. Ordering Options:

1.1 How to Order
Order online by clicking "Prices" in the site's menu tabs or by clicking the "Order Now"  button on the home page.

1.2 Realistic Photo vs. Digital Painting

Realistic Photo:
We evaluate your photo then adjust sharpness, contrast, and lighting levels best suited for your photo. We also balance and enhance the color. This option is best when you would like to maintain the minute detail of the original photo. This works best with high resolution photos. For example: You have a family photo from the beach but everyone's sunburn is reducing the image's quality. We can fix that for you! We can take away the redness and bring your family's skin tone back to a healthy glow.

Digital Painting:
We follow the same process as a realistic photo, then create a painted effect using a specialized tablet and stylus. Each digital painting is edited by hand and special attention is payed to detail. This style is best when you want a portrait style photo with a softer look that traditional realistic photos. Brush strokes are visible but are not overbearing on the photo.

If you are still unsure of which style you would prefer, please leave a comment in the comments section upon ordering and ask us to contact you for further information before the process is started. (Be sure to leave your phone number in the comment box if that's your preferred method of contact.)

1.3 Gallery Wrap

Thin Gallery Wrap:
The canvas is wrapped around a 3/4" wooden stretcher frame. The image wraps onto the sides for a clean gallery look that is finished and ready to hang. There would be no need for framing but the size is standard if you would wish to hang it at a later time.

Thick Gallery Wrap:

The canvas is wrapped around a 1 1/2" thick wooden stretcher frame. The image wraps onto the sides for a clean gallery look, finished and ready to hang.
*The thick gallery wrap is a favorite among customers.

1.4 Retouching
If your photo is less than perfect or has some small scratches from wear-and-tear, ask us to retouch it for you. Just select the level of retouch, then, in the comments section, tell us what you would like retouched. If you're not sure which level to choose, use your best judgement for the amount of retouching that needs to be done. Then, in the comments, ask us to contact you to review what needs to be retouched before we get started.

Level 1 Retouch (free): This is the basic retouching that we do for every image that we think needs slight enhancing at no charge to you. This includes:
- Red eye removal
- Sharpen, Brighten, and enhance Contrast
- Correct Color Balance

Level 2 Retouch - $25: This level is for photos that would take up to 45 minutes of work to retouch. This includes:
- Remove scars, blemishes, or moles
- Add text
- Whiten teeth
- Small scratches or imperfections

Level 3 Retouch - $50: This level is for photos that would take up to 90 minutes of work to retouch. This includes:
- Isolated color change (change shirt color)
- Removal of small secondary objects (small objects in background, i.e. wires, poles, etc.)
- Wrinkle removal
- Blur Background

Level 4 Retouch - $75: This level is for photos that would take up to 135 minutes of work to retouch. This includes:
- Add/Remove one person from group shots (If you have 2 photos of different people we may be able to merge them into one photo)
- Restore torn, faded, or stained photographs (common with very old photos)

Level 5 Retouch - $100: This level is for photos that would take up to 180 minutes of work to retouch. This includes:
- Multiple large scratches, stains, or tears
- Removal of large secondary objects and re-creating portion of image (large objects in background or objects that cover part of the subject of the photograph that would require us to re-create a portion of the photo)
- Other difficult requests

1.5 B&W, Sepia, or Color Images
If you wish for your photo to be converted to black & white or sepia, select that option in "Additional Services" upon ordering.

Old Black & White to Color - $39.95: Select this option if you would like your old black and white photo hand colored. You may and are encouraged to specify your preferred colors (i.e. hair, eye, skin tone, etc.) in the comments section. If you do not specify, we will use our best judgement.

1.6 Split Panel, Collage, Pop Art, or Wall Murals
Split Panel: Your photo is split onto 3 or 4 separate panels for a unique effect. Split panels are available in Wide Gallery Wrap (1 1/2") only. For available sizes or prices please contact us for a personalized map out of your Photo Panel Split.

Collage: This option is great if you have multiple photos you would like combined onto a single canvas or if you would like to create a special Senior Page Canvas for your graduating senior.

Pop Art: We transform your photo into a colorful and original Pop Art canvas. If you prefer certain colors please write them in the comments box on the order page, if not, we will use our own discretion to choose colors that will work best for your photo.

Wall Mural: We take your high-resolution photo and turn it into a vinyl wall mural for your home, office, etc. Prices depend on size of wall and detail of photo. Please contact us for quotes and order information.
2. Photos - What you should know:

2.1 Best file format, resolution, and size
- Best over all = 300 dpi jpeg
The resolution from most digital cameras works great for our canvas product. As long as your camera is 5 megapixels or higher and you've taken the photo at the highest settings you're picture should work perfectly. If you're image has been scanned in, set your scanning resolution to 300 dpi if that option is available. JPEG or TIF files are ok to upload. Smaller images may not contain enough quality to enlarge them on canvas. An easy way to check this is to zoom in on your photo a couple of times. If the image starts to break up or lose quality, it is probably too small. Please no photos under 500kb.

2.2 Image Preperation
If possible, please have your image's color profile set to Adobe RGB 1998. If you can't or don't know how to do that, don't worry. We can change it once you upload your photo.

2.3 Scanning Tips
You can use a flat bed scanner to scan your image at 300 dpi resolution. Save the file in RGB mode using JPEG format with the highest quality setting and lowest compression. If you're not sure how to do this, these options should be available when you run your scanning software on your computer.

What if I don't have a scanner?

You can also have your photo scanned into a 300 dpi JPEG digital file on a CD at most Kinko's stores or other similar stores. Then you can upload your image to us from your PC. Or allow our graphic designers scan your photo for you!

2.4 Cropping
You may leave the cropping up to us. We will artistically crop your image so it works with the proportions of the canvas size you've selected. If you prefer, we can crop and reproduce only a portion of your photo. If this is the case, please give us a detailed and accurate description of the intended cropping in the comments section of the order form.
3. After Ordering

3.1 Order Review
We review every order before processing. If we think something is not quite right, one of our associates will contact you to discuss your order.

3.2 Shipping
All items are usually shipped within 3-5 days from receiving your order.
If you need the item shipped to someone else, enter their address in the "Shipping Address" part of the order form. Your address would need to be entered into the "Billing Address" portion. We will not contact the recipient, so they won't find out if it's a surprise.
4. Policies

4.1 100% Satisfaction
We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your canvas by the standards set by your order, we will gladly offer an exchange after reviewing the problems.

4.2 Privacy Policy
Your privacy is very important to us at Captured to Canvas. In order to provide our services, we will require certain information regarding our users. We will maintain the confidentiality of information provided in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

4.3 Security
Captured to Canvas uses a secure server in all the transactions that hold sensitive information. A secure server guarantees that data transmitted through the internet remains safe and private.
3. After ordering
3.1 Order review
3.2 Shipping

4. Policies
4.1 100% Satisfaction
4.2 Privacy Policy
4.3 Security
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