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We Offer Several Photo Effects for Your Canvases!
Choose Realistic Photo & your photo will be enhanced, repaired of minor defects & scratches, and optimized for canvas print. This style is best for keeping sharp detail and with traditional photographic style.
Realistic Photo
Digital Painting
Digital Painting
For a serivce charge of $30, choose to have your photo Digitally Painted and it will undergo the same process as a Realistic photo, plus, using a tablet & stylus  we will create a painted effect, complete with brushstrokes. This style is best for a softer, portrait look. We make certain to keep important details while artistically rendering the rest.
Original Photo
Colorize Your Photos
Your original color photo with enhanced lighting and balanced color.
Black & White
Sepia Tone
Your photo is transformed into a black and white photo with rich shadows and highlights. This is a great effect for timeless photos.
Your photo is taken one step further with a beautiful sepia tone that gives your photo a warm and timeless effect.
Transformation from color to black and white or sepia tone is a free service.
Pop Art Effect
For a service charge of $30, we will transform your photo into a colorful and original Pop Art Canvas.

Please contact us at
770.531.1175 or at mail@capturedtocanvas.com for all pop art orders.
Before Pop Art Effect
After Pop Art Effect
Background Replacement
For a service charge of $49, we can change the background of your photo. We can put in most any background from changing color to a whole new look.

For a service charge of $39, we can simply blur the background. We lift the main subjects from the photo and blur the background.
Original Photo
Blur Background
Beach Scene
Fantasy Scene